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Aluminium Cladding:

Aluminium is an extremely light weight metal (about one third as dense as steel or copper) making it an extremely sought after material where-by weight is an issue. Aluminium is also an excellent cost effective solution for marine environments and is malleable and easily fabricated. Aluminium is 100% recyclable and has good corrosion resistance due to its protective oxide layer.

Aluminium Tiles:

Our pre-painted Aluminium cladding tiles will give your project an honest, timeless and classic look. It delivers a combination of extreme durability with design versatility

Coloured Standing Seam Stainless Steel Cladding:

The most popular stainless steel cladding technique comprising of either a double or single folded seam. This vastly versatile system can be laid on almost any surface both internally and externally. Fast and easy to install, making a more cost effective solution particularly for when covering large areas. Our permanently coloured Stainless Steel cladding sheets are made from premium grade stainless steel and are available in a range of permanent colours that wont crack, chip, peel or fade, we offer an endless array of design options.


Hand Rails :

    Presenting a transparent, useful touch to complement any setting, Al Firdous Handrails deliver strength and beauty without negatively impacting visual space.

Design Elements For Hand Rails

  • + Standard handrail caps are available in striking aluminum, brass, stainless steel and selected hardwoods.

  • Choose from a selection of powder coat paint finishes to create the luxurious look of wood, stone or marble.

  • Select from a wide array of glass types to enhance the design of any handrail application.

  • Add your design signature to any project by specifying a unique ceramic frit design on the glass, creating a look not to be equaled.

  • Custom handrails available per your specification.  

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Shower Enclosures :

Al Firdous offers elegant shower doors. The combination of sparkling tempered glass with optional surface treatments, polished edges, attractive hinges and towel bars that double as handles, these enclosures have caught the eye of many designers of not only residential but also hotel, motel and condominium projects. Shower door hinges are available in mirror polish brass or polished chrome on brass.

Sky Light Roof :

Al Firdous gives you the best skylight domes in the country and once we make a skylight dome for you , the sky gets trapped on your skylight roof. 



Entrance Doors :

    Al Firdous entrance doors offer flexibility in design and appeal to the imagination. Specialty entrances, tempered glass entrances, and sliding entrance systems, can all be manufactured with many different types of glass and hardware. Clear glass, pattern glass, or decorative glass may be used to further enhance the appearance and design intent of the product. A number of custom fabrication options are available, helping to make the doors both elegant and functional.

Performance Folding Doors :

o Height of up to 3000mm
o Width of up to 800mm
o Styling and intelligently designed allows
o High quality top railing enables smooth
o Door panels in any possible configuration

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Aluminium Doors:

Bifold Doors:

Sliding Stacking Doors: